There Are People Who Have It Worse Than You…

We have all heard it before, someone tells us when we are down to cheer up because “someone has it worse than you…” or “There is always someone who has less than you..” People tell us this as a form of encouragement, to help us gain perspective on our situation and to be more grateful and often times it does help us out in those areas. Sometimes we may feel guilty and that is normal too, but usually we notice what truly matters and we begin to release the woes of trivial matters. This is great, being able to adjust your mindset in this way. But I ask you, what if instead we changed our mindset to how we can help those people less fortunate? How can we help those with less than us, or who may be experiencing difficult times? Especially knowing how hard it can be, and how upset we can get over the curves that life throws us what can we do to help each other out? I challenge you to take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of those around you, try to imagine what it would be like to have less than what you do now, to be experiencing something more difficult than what you are experiencing through? Well what can we do to help those who may be going through what you are imagining now?
If we just took a moment to take care of one another, or to just extend a friendly gesture not only will you be helping someone else but in return you are helping yourself. It truly is amazing how that works, the more you give to those around you and to the universe, the more you receive after all what goes around comes around right.
So then what are some ways that we can give back and help others out?
First of all check with your local grocery store, almost all grocery stores have donation boxes, some have to where you can donate a dollar to feed someone, 5 to feed a family etc. There are others that help with your local food bank, and best of all these are not expensive there is no minimum requirement just whatever you can afford.
On the topic of food, have you checked out your pantry lately? If you have lived in your current home for a while now chances are you have things in your pantry that you don’t even remember buying or that you even had! So I challenge you to clean out your pantry and donate some things to your local food bank. Then do the same with your closet, if you have not touched it or thought about it in a couple of months chances are you can do with out it!
Donate books to kids, most often you can find these drop off boxes at churches and even in grocery store parking lots. It’s so easy you just bring your gently used book and slip it into the slot and boom you are done and you have given to someone with out.
You can even volunteer your time at a food bank or Habitat for Humanity.
Or simply just buy someone’s drink at starbucks, sometimes the smallest of gestures are the ones that make the biggest impact. Something so simple as buying someones latte can turn everything around for them. I had something similar happen to me once, I was having a horrible day and I was really down on my luck and someone gave me a wad of these lotto scratch off’s, I got $20 from them. Though it wasn’t much, it bought me gas and I had worried about how I was going to fill my car up and so when that happened it turned everything around for me. It renewed my faith in myself, in my luck, in people and I was able to get back to a happier state mentally.

So you don’t have to donate a ton of money, or a lot of your time even just a smile or a friendly hello, even a compliment! The point is, we are all in this together and no body gets out a live, so why not do the best we can and help those around us. If we know that someone has it worse than us, then why not do what we can to try to ease their struggle? What can we do to help each other out and make this world a better place to live in?

I challenge you to pay it forward to someone this week, anyone! And make a post about it, doesn’t have to be anything big just do your best with what you have to help someone else out. You’ll be amazed at how rewarding it is to give!


What The Military Taught Me About Self Transformation

Anytime we begin to work on ourselves to change our point of view on life and our current situations, or anytime we take a leap of faith and go against the grain and follow our own dreams often times we may feel tension, stress and guilt in the pit of our stomaches in doing so. We feel this because we know that we are going against what most people believe to be the normal sequence of events, we people pleasers by nature and we fear punishment, failure, and judgement. If you have read the four agreements you probably finished the book wanting to commit to the new agreements and leave behind your old habits and way of thinking. Chances are once you stated this and vowed to this you did feel tension, I know I did! It was almost instantaneously it caught me off guard, however, this is normal. I have been conditioned for 22 years on how things should be, I have lived in a fallacy for 22 years and then to one day decide that this is not how my story is going to go is a giant leap of faith in itself.

I was married to a Marine for some time and so I have spent some time with the military and one of the things I learned about the military was that they are excellent at transforming humans. Which is exactly what will happen if you choose to go against societies dream for you, and accept the new agreements. When you go against societies plan and find your own path and your own way of thinking you will transform yourself into a new radiant being. Once you decide that you want to think for yourself and stop living in hell you immediately begin to work on your self and you begin to evolve, and the military are masters at this. The Military are the embodiment of Judgement, The Victim, and Societies Dream, but instead of taking years to change and evolve they only need a few months. They do this through boot camp, where everything you had ever known, your normal way of thinking, everything is stripped away and built back up to how they want. So here are 4 easy lessons that I learned from the military on self-transformation.

1. Surround yourself with like-minded people.
If you surround yourself with happy, positive people you are sure to think and act the same way. In boot camp everyone are equals, everyone has one common goal thus everyone thinks and acts the same, exactly as the drill instructors want. You have someone who is resisting and disrupting the entire group and he will be reprimanded, and or removed. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will be the key to your success, being around people who gossip constantly and generally are very pessimistic and judgmental will not help you meet the goals you have in mind.

2. Be a Warrior.
No matter the challenge, big or small be ready and enthusiastic. Avoid the fear of change, or the fear of pleasing everyone else, we live in a society were we are constantly pleasing everyone else but never our selves. We follow the rules of societies dream because this is what we have been taught since we were very young and to go against this may bring shame to our family, and no body wants to disappoint our families. So we follow along with all the rules and think all the things we should as normal human beings and we don’t deviate, after all it is easier to deal with our unhappiness than to live knowing we have made our friends and/or family upset. But we can’t live this way, being people pleasers we must be a warrior for our own happiness. Lose the fear, you will not fail, do not fear pain and do not be fearful of a challenge, declare war on your independence and happiness. In the military the Marines are the first into battle, they do some of the most dangerous missions and take on the most impossible of tasks, but never do they back down from a fight and say they cannot do something. They are true warriors, they fight for what they believe in and are known for doing the impossible, after all impossible says that you are possible.

3. Have the will of a Drill Sergeant.
Have you ever seen a Drill Sergeant, R. Lee Ermey anyone? They are in your face, enthusiastic and they won’t take no for an answer. Their will is strong, their words are stronger. So get in life’s face, yell back at societies dream for you and declare war with this dream and the old path. Be proud and be strong with your new choices, be confident and forceful with your dreams and your new path. Life will push back at you, and you have to be firm and strong and say “No I no longer accept your way of thinking and your path for me”. If you begin this path uncertain and shaky, life will fight back and surely knock you down, your will must be strong to overcome the fear and anxiety that comes with accepting the new agreements. You can do this.

4. Never give up and never leave  a man behind.
This is hard work accepting this new path, and this new way of thinking and sometimes we will fall, and that’s okay. When we do fall down, and revert back to our old habits and our old way of thinking, be kind to yourself. Think about your age and how long you have thought this way and acted this way, it will take more than a day to change your mental patterns that you have created and repeated your entire life. As I said earlier surround yourself with like-minded people, chances are your friends may fall too. When your friends fall, don’t turn your head in shame and leave them. Help them up and be supportive to them, be a source of light for others and in doing so they will be a source of light to you and thus you will have been rewarded greatly.

Yoga in Dallas

I am going to start something new, I will be going to different studios around the DFW area, I will visit a new studio each and for every studio I visit I will post a review here.
There are so many studios out there and so many types of yoga, and it is such a challenge to find a studio that is right for you, or even just knowing what to expect when you go to a studio.
Lets face it yoga studios are intimidating! The first time you walk into a studio you feel like people are staring at you and judging you and you feel uncomfortable and silly, like it is the first day of school all over again and you’re having to stand up in front of the class and tell your most embarrassing story.
It can be scary, so let me take the fear out of it for you by introducing you to the studios first and giving you everything you need to know before you go into class!

The Mat Yoga Studio:
670 N. Coit Road, Suite 2381
Richardson, TX 75080
972-497-YOGA (9642)

This studio first off is a little difficult to find, I’ll be honest in that. The first time I drove to the studio I ended up missing the class because my iPhone had me driving around the wrong shopping center, so if you are using an iPhone for directions be careful! You can clearly see a big sign from Coit Rd. that says YOGA! in large purple letters, this is the studio, if you start to see a Walmart you have gone too far!

Haven’t you walked into a place before where you are not greeted and everyone kind of just stares at you? It’s the worst feeling, you immediately feel out of placed and alienated, you will not ever feel that way at The Mat Yoga Studio. You walk in and immediately you are greeted by a very friendly staff, they make you feel right at home. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by friendly staff, and your fellow yogis will greet you with warm smiles, immediately I felt welcomed and included. Which is what we all want, acceptance and the feeling of belonging!
As a new student you will fill out the traditional paperwork, tell them of any injuries, list an emergency contact, your name, birth date etc. Once you are done with this you are in their system as a student, forevvveeerrr!
This studio has one of the best deals that I have seen in Dallas so far, as a new student you can either pay for a drop in class which I believe is about $18, you can pay $10 for 10 days of unlimited yoga, or (Save the best for last) pay $39 for 30 days of unlimited yoga! Can you believe that?! 39 bucks for your first month of unlimited yoga, usually a month is 100-130.
This studio offers many classes for all different types of yoga and age groups which is absolutely amazing. They offer meditation, restorative, power yoga, and exploration yoga classes. But also they offer prenatal, postnatal, Senior chair classes! So many classes for so many different audiences and needs, and at such a great price.
The Mat Yoga Studio if very clean, clutter free and friendly. The class offered something that I really enjoyed, their classes have dimmed lighting, their music is lower and more subdued. I am used to a studio with louder music, instructors wearing headphones to speak over the music, and bright lights so this was all very different for me. I enjoyed it so much, the dim lighting helped me move inwards and not focus on those around me which I find to be very important aspect in any practice but especially of beginner yogi’s.
Another specially feature of the studio is they have themes for each month, September’s theme being Happiness. Which seems so easy, and universal, we all want happiness don’t we? But sometimes life is so damn frustrating, challenging and hard and it’s not so easy finding happiness among all the chaos. We must remember though, happiness is a choice there will always be challenges in life, not everything will go as planned but at the end of the day you control your happiness, no one else.
“I am the one that has to die when it is time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.” -Jimi Hendrix

The Mat Yoga Studio is a real gem, I strongly urge you to stop by and take a class here, you will not regret it and your body and mind will thank you!


Ice is back with my brand new invention



It has been months since I have even been on wordpress, and honestly I cannot even believe that I remembered my sign in and password. I guess it was meant to be since I recalled both correctly on the first try.

Quick Update:

Last time I posted I had mentioned mine and my friends plans to travel the U.S teaching yoga and raising money for charity. Well we are still working on that plan, we teach on the weekends still. It has been touch and go, our lives both have changed so much which has made it hard but we are teaching this weekend and hope that we have a good turn out.
I am looking for more yoga studios to teach at in the Dallas area, so hopefully I can do that full-time and maybe work part-time somewhere else. That would be so delightful to be teaching yoga all day and have an easy part-time job, I will be taking classes in the spring so I am incredibly thrilled about going back to school finally! I will be studying either non-profit business management, or nursing I have not yet decided so if anyone out there has any advice or suggestions I am a sponge, and I am ready to hear your thoughts!
I moved out of my apartment last week which was very stressful, I have moved a lot in the past two years. In the past 12 months alone I have moved 4 times! Can you believe that?! Well this last move of mine was the most stressful one, all my other moves have been fairly easy so I suppose that I was due for a “real” move as my family says, whatever that means. But good news is it is all done and hopefully I won’t be moving for a while, but that is not likely knowing me and my nomadic ways.

So that was all fun and stuff but let’s get down to the real point of this post, shall we?
When I moved to Hawaii I made a bucket list, and for the most part I was able to check off most everything, then when I moved back home and my life completely changed I fell into a rather rough patch in my life. I had separated from my husband, lost my apartment, lost a lot of things really, lost a bit of my sanity ha but one of the things that really pulled me through it all was making a goal board. I know many people do Dream Boards, but I decided a goal board was better for me. Instead of having pictures of places I’d like to travel and people I’d like to meet, I made a board of tangible everyday things that I can do. This board was a great way to get back on track, to focus my mind, and to redirect my energy to something positive instead of all the negative. Also during my divorce naturally I felt like my life was in shambles, and complete chaos….because it was, and so having this really helped me focus on what I can do today. Again, it helped me focus on the smaller things instead of looking at the big picture and freaking out because the picture was in ruins ( I say ruins because that is how it felt to me at that time.).

With all of that, here are my goals!


Teach yoga full-time successfully,

Open my studio

Get a college degree in something

Start a Charity

Study Abroad


Go back to college (will be in spring)
Get shot (got that! needed it to go back to school)
Get college transcripts (check)
Paint and write more
Study Ashtanga yoga, find a Mysore program in Dallas
Volunteer more

Send resume to different studios in Dallas (Did that and even heard back from a few so for the next week or two I will be taking many classes at many studios trying to find work!)

Practice daily, working on my practice is something that normally takes the back seat. I work full-time and teach yoga two days out of the week, 6am and 7:45 pm so by the time I am off work last thing I want to do it work out I just want to sleep! So this is something that I really need to make time for since I do want to be teaching full-time, I need to make that transition and make time for what is important to me.

Weekly Goals:

Yoga 7 days

Run ( I have not run since I moved back to Dallas so it has been about 6 months since I ran last and before I moved home I was up to 9 miles! ) to start, and to get back into the groove of things 10-miles a week. That is manageable.

Go back to vegan diet, also something that changed when I moved back was I was no longer vegan which was fine because I mostly converted because of control issues and now that my life is kind of in chaos I am wanting that control again and so I am going to go back to a vegan diet, but also because it really is a diet that agrees so well with my body and one that I respond to well. I felt so great when I was eating clean and was vegan, so it’s not just control although that is a major reason but the other major reason is of how great it makes me feel.

Read more, read a few chapters a night before bed

Eat clean

Start eating breakfast again, this is a hard one for me and to be able to eat breakfast 7 days a week is a huge goal for me! I start work most days at 7:30, some days 5:30 and I don’t eat breakfast and I don’t get lunch until earliest 11:30….so from the time I go to bed to 11:30 I am completely fasting.

Volunteer more on the weekends, at least once.

Meditate at least once a day, make time

Less sugar, less coffee.

Keep positive thoughts

So these are my goals, and what is most important to me at this moment. I have a hard time staying on track with my goals because I tend to get rather distracted with my friends, I tend to put them and my family before myself all the time and before my own goals. I am a caretaker, a people pleaser and that is another goal of mine, to stop this pattern and to learn how to pull back and put myself first because I can’t help or care for anyone else if I am not taking care of myself and my happiness first. I will keep updating my progress and how well I am doing each week, so far this week has been a bust I have been really sick the past few days and I am just now starting to feel better so I have been a bum and resting all week instead of being productive. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better and can really begin on all of this work, next week should be a better week too.



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Through my love for you,
I want to express my love for the whole cosmos,
the whole of humanity,
and all beings.
By living with you,
I want to learn to love everyone and all species.
If I succeed in loving you,
I will be able to love everyone and all species on Earth…
This is the real message of love.

Thich Nhat Hanh  (via brain-forest)

Love in itself is unconditional. It knows only giving, sharing; it does not know any desire for getting something in return. It does not ask for any response. Its joy and its reward is in sharing. And its power is in its sharing. It is so powerful that it can go on sharing with millions of people, and still the heart remains overflowing with love — it is inexhaustible. That is its power.

Osho (via app1ejuice)